Service Overview

U the Biz specializes in taking skillsets and turning them into assets. We focus on individuals or companies looking to leverage individuals in their marketing and product creation.

We divide our efforts into three different areas. They each serve a specific role in creating digital assets, but also deliver stand-alone services. 

Behind the Scenes

To create a digital asset, you need content. Behind the Scenes does just that.
We can not create your unique content, but we can help you record it.
A video is the name of the game for content these days. We record interviews, keynotes, and workshops.
For more significant productions we have partners that we bring in to our projects. 

Personal Brand: $1.000/month
Corporate Brand: $2.000/month

Hell Yeah Marketing

Once you have your content ready, you need to get it out to the right audience. Hell Yeah Marketing focuses on building a loyal fan base that is looking for your message. The service includes social media and online advertising. However, we strictly measure our marketing efforts in revenue. Not followers and likes. 

Personal Brand: $1.000/month*
Corporate Brand: $2.000/month*

*+ Ad Spend

U the Biz

With your content and audience in place, you are ready to package and sell digital products. We work closely with our customers to set up the right structure. Our approach is the lean startup methodology. So we build, measure and learn. There is no one-size-fits-all for digital products, so we commit to results, and partner with our clients in long-term relationships. 

Personal Brand: 50/50 profit split*


For other support, not covered by these focus areas, we occasionally offer consulting services. These services are handled individually by one of our team members. They have different skillsets and availability. 

Case by case pricing